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Thoughts and Hallucinations

Dublin City University Workshops in Qualitative Research and Discourse Analysis

The Whole Qualitative Megillah
Workshop #1

Michael Agar

"The whole Megillah (in the Yiddish from which American English borrowed it, gantse Megillah) came to be a wry term for an overly extended explanation or story, or for something tediously complicated, or an involved situation or state of affairs." http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-mag1.htm.

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Thoughts on Intentionality

Trying to Get Clear on Intentionality

Mike Agar

In April of 2009 I participated in a meeting of biological ecologists. They wanted to integrate "social science" into a five-site comparative study of urban land fragmentation. It was—and continues to be—a pleasure to work with them. At that first meeting, I gave a standard  Read More 
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Society for Applied Anthropology Workshop on Agent-Based Modeling

Workshop Abstract for the Society for Applied Anthropology Meetings

Agent Based Models in Anthropology

“Agent Based Modeling” (ABM) may sound like a fashion show put on by the Drug Enforcement Administration. It is not. It is a useful new tool, a computer-based thought-experiment lab for the relationship between structure and agency, a device to  Read More 
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