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Thoughts and Hallucinations

Facebook Follies

Facebook is a strange thing, not to be trusted to the naive. The other day, someone wanted to be friends so I flew over to Facebook and it told me in no uncertain terms that I was the holder of an alien email and no longer welcome. Why? The University of Maryland, right after  Read More 
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Don's Funeral

Donald Agar Feeney
My cousin Don died in a freak bicycle accident in March. He was a year younger than me. We grew up together, first in Chicago and then in Livermore where both our families moved when we were in grammar school. His younger brother Pat had moved to the Albuquerque area a while back, so  Read More 
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Article about Central American Anthro meetings

The Central American Anthropology Meetings in Tegucigalpa

Michael Agar

Some time ago I was anointed a “senior specialist” with Fulbright, at the time to work on complexity and social programs in Buenos Aires. That didn’t work out. But my old friend and colleague, psychiatrist Dr. Ken Vittetoe, with whom I had worked on  Read More 
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Me, a modeler?

I worked for a few days with a group of medical researchers in Texas around the question of how to improve primary health care teams. They’d asked me last year to help design an agent based model out of the intensive ethnographic-type work they’d done. I only helped them get started, but  Read More 
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Honduras Course Description

Programas en Contexto en la Comunidad : Un Enfoque Etnográfico

Michael Agar

Este breve curso tiene el propósito de plantear algunos conceptos desde la perspectiva de la Etnografía, sobre todo los conceptos que pueden ser útiles para quienes emprenden, dirigen, trabajan o investigan programas de  Read More 
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Indigenous Language Conference

A couple of weeks ago, down the road from my house, south of Albuquerque at the Isleta Pueblo hotel/casino, the Indigenous Language Institute held one of their first theme-based symposia. I’d subscribed to their email list a year or so ago, thinking of the late Dell Hymes’ frequent message that it was  Read More 
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Poets turn up everywhere

A while ago I was hunkered over the laptop in the University of New Mexico library, learning about how Albuquerque growth and water had an awkward relationship. An amiable and large head leaned at an angle into my visual space and, apologizing for the interruption, asked if I knew of anyone in the library  Read More 
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Method Innovation at St. Kate's

The "methods fair" at Oxford, sponsored by the UK Economics and Social Research Council, more or less like the U.S. National Science Foundation, turned out to be a mind trip, literally, since I was honored that they would fly me all that way to be part of it.

Most interesting was the special  Read More 
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Linguistics oriented bio statement

Michael Agar is a well-known researcher in linguistic anthropology. In the field of applied linguistics more generally he is especially known for his path-breaking work on “languaculture”, a concept that calls attention to the inextricable bond between language and culture.
He was born in Chicago on May 7, 1945, moving to the San Francisco Bay Area  Read More 
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A different kind of human social science

For reasons that don't matter I just did a two-page essay on how centers of science should pay attention to human social research as something other than an example of bad 19th century chemistry. I kind of like it so thought I'd put it on the blog. Here it is:

A suggested workshop topic:  Read More 
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